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Operate First Community Handbook

Welcome to the community handbook!

The Community Handbook is intended to serve as a resource for all Operate First community contributors. It contains documentation on how to perform contributor-related tasks and encourages input and contributions from the community. The covenant of the Community Handbook is that if contributors must figure out a task for themselves, they should submit that solution to the handbook for the benefit of future contributors.

How to use this handbook

The Community Handbook table of contents is a good place to start.

How to contribute

We welcome the Operate First community to contribute to the handbook! There are multiple ways to contribute:

  1. Create an issue in our GitHub repository.
  2. Create a pull request (PR) directly against the repository.
  3. Label an issue or PR from another part of the project to identify as part of the Community Handbook.

After creating an issue/PR, please add it to the Community Handbook project. You can follow these directions to do so. After connecting to the project, the issue/PR will appear as a card in the Community Handbook project board under the column Proposed content.

Next, we will begin the process of improving the documentation. The card moves between columns as the editing and review process progresses; for details on how the process works, including the criteria to move between columns, refer to the reviewer guidelines.

Creating an issue to contribute

To create an issue, select Issues then New issue. If applicable, select the appropriate template:

  • The Missing documentation template: if you have discovered a task for which no documentation currently exists in the handbook.
  • The Poor documentation template: if you have noticed any kind of errors or mistakes in existing documentation, or if you wish for existing documentation to improve in some way.

If neither of these templates apply, you can create an issue from scratch. If you’re interested in working on the solution, please assign yourself to the issue. Anyone who wishes to be involved in a particular issue may assign themselves to it.

Creating a pull request (PR) to contribute

If you’d like to prepare content for addition to the handbook, please use our Article Template. To make a PR with this content, follow the directions here.

Labeling an issue or PR from another project to include in the Community Handbook