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Data Science Workflow

This repo contains a set of resources, tutorials and general best practices that our team has developed and continues to refine for effectively collaborating as a group of data scientists. Our team relies heavily on the Open Data Hub (ODH) project (which we also recommend), so many of our examples will use that toolbox. But our hope is that there is enough generally applicable content that this information can be helpful to those outside the ODH ecosystem. Further, we invite others to contribute their best practices and implementation alternatives : )

Setup Your Environment

Develop + Collaborate

Serving + Monitoring

Project Organization + Structure

E2E Example Projects


This project is maintained as part of the Operate First and Emerging Technologies group in Red Hat’s Office of the CTO. More information can be found at https://www.operate-first.cloud/.

Have a question? Open an issue in this repo or join us on Slack in the #data-science channel. :)