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Pulp Python package index

This document states basic usage of the Pulp instance hosted on Operate First. The Pulp instance is available at pulp.operate.first.cloud and is used at Red Hat to host Python packages as an alternative to the publicly available PyPI. Unlike PyPI, Pulp hosts multiple Python package indexes that can be specific to teams or user needs.

System requirements for consuming Python packages

Minimum requirements: RHEL 7 + SCL Python and pip

Optimal requirements: RHEL 8, UBI 8 or Fedora which is not EOL

Requesting a Python package index on Operate First Pulp

  1. Request a repository on the Operate first Pulp Python package index for your package by creating a request at operate-first/support using the ”New Python package index request” template.
  2. An admin of the Operate first Pulp Python package index will create the index and provide the url for the explicit package in the ticket.

Consuming Python packages from Pulp Python index

To consume packages from the Pulp Python package index, point pip to it using —index-url:

pip install --index-url https://pulp.operate-first.cloud/pypi/<index-name>/simple/ --extra-index-url https://pypi.org/simple

—extra-index-url (optional) will make sure that packages that are not found on the specified Pulp index are looked up on PyPI.

You can also use Pipenv and configure Python package indexes in Pipfile.

NOTE: Both cases are prone to dependency confusion attacks so mind dependencies you install.

Experimental: You can use Thoth to consume Python packages. See its strict index configuration.

Publishing Python packages to Pulp Python index

Currently, only AICoE-CI can publish Python packages to Pulp as Pulp does not support RBAC. Thus AICoE-CI acts as an authority for publishing Python packages to Pulp indexes. Follow instructions:

  • Install aicoe-ci GitHub app in your GitHub repository.
  • Include .aicoe-ci.yaml configuration.yaml, a sample can be found here.
  • Edit the snippet below with your explicit index name and add it in .aicoe-ci.yaml configuration yaml
  - instance: pulp
    pulp-index: <index-name>
    allow-sdist: true
    allow-bdist: true
  • Create a tag in GitHub and the app will upload the package to operate first pulp python index.

Example: thoth-station/aicoe-ci-pulp-upload-example to see how to configure AICoE-CI to publish Python packages to your Pulp index.