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Contribute to the Mailing List Analysis Toolkit

To get started with familiarizing yourself with the Mailing List analysis project, check how to Get Started.

Add an Analysis

One of the key benefits of this approach is that it allows for the bulk of the development to be done directly in a jupyter notebook as well as making adding new analyses or preprocessing steps as simple adding a new notebook to the repository.

For example, in order to add an additional analysis to the application one just needs to make submit a PR with a new notebook in notebooks/02_analyses and a small update to manifest/wftmpl.yaml to include the new notebook into the workflow.

You can also reach out to aicoe-aiops@redhat.com for any questions.

Automation and Workflow Configurations

Please see the README at manifests/README.md for complete details on how to define the automation and application workflow via Argo. By following the guide one can automate their application and Jupyter Notebooks using ArgoCD.